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  1. Zayoooood Пользователь


    Well, i never expected that i would waste my time on registering in the forum and complaining about a player, but when when it comes to admins that put the roles, and break them at the same time, then i have to create a new thread as a try in understanding what kind of logic do admins follow?

    It all started when Emzy started kicking me for no reason, begging players to vote F1, swearing and insulting. I've already contacted Spumer and sent him the demos and the screenshots that CLEARLY show the mess that Emzy does in the server. by disrespecting, insulting and abusing his powers. Spumer answered me by saying that he will talk to Emzy and trying to make him stop. CLEAR evidences were not enough for Spumer to apply the rules on his friend Emzy. Spumer came back saying that Emzy gets no punishments and that i'm blocked from kicking any player in 30 days. Oh ya? never expected that such a great server would have admins who don't apply the rules this way. He just ignored all the demos and screeshots i sent him and punished me instead. TOTALLY NONSENSE.
    Emzy contined kicking me for no reason, and i was telling him that he's simply a kid that acts in such a way that makes a fool out of him. What he continued saying is that he does whatever he wants in the server and can break the rules and ban people when he wants to, even without reasons, and that he will be an admin soon to ban me. I told Spumer that but as usaul he ignored me and never answered anymore.
    Emzy became an admin and banned me an hour ago. Instead of Emzy getting banned for breaking half of the roles, i get banned for only telling Emzy that he is a kid.

    Well, this isn't appropriate to happen here, at-least not with existing the list of the rules that the owner put. Why would there be rules that admins dont follow?

    Emzy u need to get a life, you do really need help, i would pay for your psychotherapy's sessions just to get you treated. Ur brain works wrongly, u might b above 15 but the way u act is totally childish. I thought u would grow up, or at-least b more mature, but seems like u got the chance to get ur mental disease even worse by getting an admin ship and take ur revenge in that childish way. Many players have told me how u were begging them to vote against me b4 u make the vote, damn boy that was so pathetic to do.
    Again do admit that u need help and i will send u a plane ticket to come to Sweden and start ur therapy.

    Looking forward for the owner's reply so i can send him the demos,or Spumer, only if u decide to do something about this, u already have everything in Telegram.


    Couldn't upload the demo files "The uploaded file is too large for the server to process" photo5953764901182876804.jpg
    photo5953764901182876803.jpg photo5953764901182876805.jpg
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  2. Жока пацифист Пользователь

    Опа а вот и швед подъехал, если коротко он ноет о том что эмзи его кикнул а Спумер не стал за это наказывать эмзи.
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  3. Blackwolf Пользователь

    Do u khow that humilating players is allowed for votekick? I played with u so many times, and every game u humilate players as "fckng noob, and so on", man stop that, u also was noob
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  4. Лелишна Пользователь

    А я сегодня его впервые заприметила на форуме. Думаю, о, наш друг из солнечной Швеции...а он вона для чего сюда пришел)
  5. El Daro Пользователь

    Пофиксил, не благодари.
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  6. phant0m Пользователь

    Перфект инглиш, мазафака!1
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  7. Poosya Пользователь

    еп, вери худЪ!
  8. Старлей Пользователь

    Here you will find neither truth nor justice. I feel sorry.
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  9. emzy

    Мне уже можно не отвечать Заёду? Так-то ответить я ему могу, могу в пух и прах раскатать его доводы своими приводами, просто… так лень это делать. Тем более сейчас.
  10. phant0m Пользователь

    Лучше спроси у него кто сильнее, ЧД или Могучая Горгона.
    Тока на англыйськом.
  11. emzy

    На самом деле и тот, и другой (другая?) – la шарики. Обоим даст прикурить Морской Волк с безответкой и метким выстрелом.

    Hey, Zayoooood! Bro, in your humble opinion, who’s stronger – BD or Mighty Gorgon?
    Бай зэ вэй, большое тебе спасибо за приглашение погостить и даже за готовность оплатить мне билет (вот это прямо настоящая русская щедрость), но скажу честно: холодный мрачный край загаженных фьордов и испоганенных лесов меня не впечатляет, как и вся твоя Сканди-Европа. Давай лучше в Африке медитировать?
    Совершенно верно. Заносчивый эгоистичный дуралей никогда ничего здесь не найдёт.

    Я выписал ему сегодня блокировку, как и во все прошлые разы, вполне правомерно – за дело, именно это его и задело. Но бан был минимальный, всего на десять минут. Кик по времени и то дольше длится. А нытья развёл, словно перманент на ровном тесте ни за что ни про что схлопотал.
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  12. emzy

    Also, read this.
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  13. Zayoooood Пользователь

    You try hard, but still pathetic. No maturity, neither manliness, exactly what your curly hair and clown face show.
    You already got offended by those who voted F2 many of times. You got no pride nor respect once you begged everyone in private to vote F1. How could you accept to be such a servile? Didn't your parents teach you how to have some dignity?
    I promise that i will cooperate with your psychologist to help getting u grown up and brain-fixed. Now go to your bed it's too late for kids to stay awake.
  14. El Daro Пользователь

    What's your problem with curly hair?
    Wait. Don't answer. I saw your extremely brutal manly gay-ass haircut, weeping nancy.
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  15. Irina Пользователь

    :D :D :D
  16. Zayoooood Пользователь

    Today this lil pathetic Emzy bans me after he failed with a vote kick against me
    and still no answer from the main admins? is it that mess in this server's administration? Such a waste of a huge list of rules
    Those who has contact with Emzy's boss, i mean the owner of this server, let him enter the forum so i can c what he thinks about the mess happening in here.
  17. emzy

    Финалка “Смерти в воздухе”, ВПП аэро. Стоял на крыле самолёта, когда его уговаривали сойти оттуда. После неудачного запуска на кик (5-5) суициднулся, за что и получил час бана. До этого несколько раз проводил беспричинные голосования и выходил в зрители, пытаясь попасть в другую команду.
    Я и так закрываю глаза на твой словесный понос и получасовую громодрочку на каждой карте в игре с нубами, но при нормальных составах будь добр играть нормально.
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  18. Zayoooood Пользователь

    Pfff not only abusing his powers, but making things up and faking what really happened, for sure u deserve to be an admin. I started to get disguised reading ur shit especially when i imagine how your face looks like. Proof what u said or keep ur mouth shut until the owner comes and comment, brainless Emzy.
  19. emzy


  20. Christo Пользователь

    I guess it would be better if u write to spumer in PM but as Старлей said, don't expect anything dude we are having chaos here not only from the side of the new admins but from the main admins too, so just fuck that play and have fun :p Only admin that uses he's wrights properly is tic tac with others u just can't even have a dialog because of their ideological cynicism.
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